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Welcome to Neverslair Blog v4


After about 2 years of absence for my place in cyberspace, i am bringing it finally back online, alot has happened since, so i hope i will have the chance to blog at least a bit about the changes in my life.

I had to rebuild my website from scratch after the sudden disappearance of my former friend and hoster who hosted it for me.

backups where also managed by that guys vms, so i was standing in front of nothing, i took it as an opportunity though, after all, i couldve continued using typo3 and reuse my own typo3 website template from github.

That wouldnt have been as interresting as starting this one from scratch again, after all, i am always looking for the bleeding edge on technology.

in the process of finding the correct cms system for my fresh relaunch, i went from typo3 over drupal through laravel and symfony until i gave wordpress a try.

the original thought was “wordpress is overkill”, but i soon realized that its not only simple to configure and extend, but also doesnt want me to reinvent the wheel like symfony or laravel or being struck by its backend like typo3 was. i am now 4 days in with wordpress, and so far everything works flawlessly, i needed very little plugins, and found tons of good documentation on the topics i was interrested in online.

My new CMS choice

My new CMS choice

As usual, if you got questions, ideas, or find something that bugs you with my page, i would love to hear from you

yours truly

Oliver Leitner