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Finding the optimum blogging client for my needs

After testing a bunch of blogging clients, it seems i finally got a hang of one that fits my needs=)

it is called ScribeFire


and it integrates in my Favorite Browser Firefox as well as into Chrome and Chromium.

It makes posting blog entries very easy, you just install the addon, click on ScribeFire, click on add blog to connect to your blog, and you will have the option to add blog entries. from your browsers dialog.

Also it offers you an advanced editor with all the neat little features you may want, inserting images, adding code, etc…

So why not use the WordPress backend you might ask, well, it feels kind of slow at times, and i think while it is a very nice backend, that i will be able to make alot more blog posts this way, because it already puts me where i want to blog with just a few clicks.

Besides doing blog posts, it lets you also edit your pages, so you can actually manage your daily website tasks from a single entry point.

What blogging software do you use? are you using one at all, or are you doing everything via the WordPress backend?